Thursday, June 1, 2017

White Rabbits, June 1, 2017 on the patio

Rain overnight, then sun this morning, so the patio is decorated in diamonds for the first of June.

This in turn triggered a quick drawing in the little journal early this morning

And reminds me that I made some new priority decisions this week.  Readers who follow the EGA guild blog I've been writing for several years are alerted that I have stepped down from doing it.  I've loved doing it, but really my priorities need to be adjusted, since art is needing more and more of my life, more exhibiting, teaching, sales.  So something has to give.  However, anyone who would like to give the guild blog a try is welcome.  I'll sit with any local person who wants to do it, and you'll see it's not as techie as it seems!

But I've been thinking about reshaping my life for a while now. I finished up my commitments to leadership in the embroiderers' guild, and to the Artist in Residence at the library.  And now I have breathing room for other things.  Which may include sitting on the patio and reading and stitching!  but also include a lot of new adventures in art for which you have to have a clear mental and emotional desk.

A commitment to art is a commitment to studio time, not to keep on letting it be cut short in order to attend to other activity. Art doesn't happen in the bits of time between other events. So I owe it to the rest of my life, however long or short, as the Queen said a long time ago...well, being a Royal, she said "shote" but never mind.

But I will not be gone completely, despite some panic stricken notes and texts from stitching friends!  not moving away, no ominous medical situation, none of that. Just ready for the next stage. And this blog will continue happily.  Also my Beautiful Metaphor blog about my art and process.


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