Saturday, June 10, 2017

Farmers' market, classical music, perfect together 6WS

The Perfect Together slogan is a long running tourist meme for NJ, and tends to crop up..

Anyway, today, perfect weather for the farmers' market, though I didn't need much, ended up with apples and salad greens, 

because I brought my own bags, was given an extra apple.

And there were the usual huge array of food, veggies, plants, herbs, the local food bank collection (they take either fresh produce or money to buy it with).  

And today, best of all, the local high school string ensemble, playing a great selection from Mozart to ragtime.  Not easy to play a stringed instrument in warm weather with humidity.  Keeping the tuning is a challenge. But they did a great job.  Two first violins, several second violins, two violas, two cellos.  Not easy to get pix of them without a phalanx of devoted parents getting into the frame as they did the same.

So I had a free concert thrown in to the morning's planning.

Then the library, and home for a plein air adventure, which I tell about here

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