Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Labyrinth, after a long hiatus

Since I had art business not far from the labyrinth, it seemed like a good idea to make a visit, first for a long time.

And I found it under renovation!  no escape from reno.  All the old shrubs gone, wood trim around the edges, prayer flags gone.  I expect it will be fine, and Buddha, serenely sitting in a different corner, seems to have little concern. 

Always on the walk, I get an answer to some concern I brought in with me, in the form of an object that I find on the path.  Today it was an empty cicada shell, perfect, complete, discarded because the owner outgrew it.  

So I carried it to the middle and set it there on a rock, as my offering for today.  Many messages in that cicada shell, which I'll leave you to decode, since they might be different for you, and I don't want to impose my responses on yours. 

And on the way out, joyful old fashioned roses, smelling the way roses should



  1. No labyrinths in this area that I know of anyway. No roses as yet either - weather is finally supposed to warm up tomorrow so perhaps there's hope.

  2. Little things, the real blessings in this life.


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