Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tea's up! and visiting geranium too

So yesterday about 3.30 p.m. I thought hm, time for a little something.  Scones, maybe.  Jam, too, maybe.  But I didn't have either. However, in practically no time, amazing how fast it goes when you're hungry, I'd made a batch of golden raisin and walnut scones, and a pot of strawberry jam.  

I had a packet of strawberries in the freezer waiting for the moment I felt like making jam.  And the smell as they came out, pure summer time and hot weather. It's nice to remember hot weather when you're cool at the moment.

So by 4.15 I was sitting down to a nice afternoon tea, complete with hot scones, fresh strawberry preserves, and a great air of smugness.  Amazing how fast this is when you make small batches of everything.  And sb's taste better, usually, than massive batches.

And they'll be shared with various people, too.

I also have a visitor hanging out with me while the roof down the street is being repaired, well, several, but this is the most spectacular, the geranium.  

Also several of her friends came with her until their porch is uncovered and back in action.  Really improves the look of the place, I must say. 

Having a couple of computer setbacks today, involving losing and finding and accidentally deleting programs, dang, which is why there's no watermark on these pix.  But they're not good enough to steal, so I'm not too disturbed about this.  

But I wish I could find all my icons, which suddenly shot off my desktop!  SOS out to techie son for suggestions on how to do this. The solutions I've found look a bit dangerous to me, not wanting to dig this hole any deeper.  So I will breathe, and spin, and go for a walk and this too shall pass.


  1. have him teach you how to back up your stuff (on the computer) so you can go back in time one day, or two, and pick up where you were. You may lose what you kicked over the cliff, but you will get your controls back. and this photo, all misty and wispy, is just stunning.

  2. Thank you. For both. Since I keep all my important dox and pix on a thumbdrive I haven't bothered much with backing up on the hard drive. But it's definitely a good thought. I suspect since the computer went down twice and they said oops, it's related to trying to push me up to Windows 10. Mysterious things spontaneously erupting often precedes removal of service. But I'm a suspicious type.


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