Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dessert for breakfast, life is good 6WS

Yesterday's dinner, for Handsome Son and self, was all about comfort food in the first chilly days of fall.  Pasta with red sauce of farm tomatoes, homemade oregano pesto, sausage slices, then a crumble of apples and blackberries, farm produce. Nice glass of red wine.  

 Here's the fruit looking like natural jewelry, and the bowl of melted butter with olive oil waiting to mix with the flours on the left
The crumble part was almond, walnut and oatmeal flour, which I processed from the nuts, in the coffee grinder, plus oatmeal flakes.

This not only made a very good supper, fresh grated parmigiano cheese and hot pepper flakes on the pasta, then the different texture of the crumble, but the dessert is good for breakfast, too.  

Because, you know, oatmeal, fruit.  So this morning a bowl of it with mango yogurt over it, cup of Vietnamese coffee. What could be better.

Now that the farmers' market is almost over, many vendors having finished for the season,  my mushroom and egg people sell to other stores, so I can still get them, I can look at the season and muse.  

Very glad to be out from under the onslaught of squash, zucchini and potatoes of last year's farmshare.  I have been given a few summer squash, but those I can manage. And I've had more variety of everything.  So all in all, it was a good move to quit the farmshare.  I still eat top of the farm, but my own choices.  

And the visits to the farmers' market were social events, too, with music, and bumping into friends and friendly dogs, and generally a value added morning. I guess this is an unsolicited testimonial.  I still buy from the farm where I had the share, though, but it's what I want to have, not what they want to sell me!

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