Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rain's down, soup's up, spirits middling 6WS

Today needed a reboot.  I woke before dawn, still dark o'clock, to a chirp.  Gah, why do smoke alarms notify about batteries in the night time? the next chirp confirmed that it was no use trying not to hear it.  
So I staggered downstairs in search of batteries and stepladders, found a battery, stepladder nowhere to be seen.  Not in the place it spozed to be, nor anywhere else that I could see with half-open eyes. Upstairs again for a second sweep, chirp still going, then back down and found it, um, in the middle of the living room...I didn't notice it because it was in the wrong place!  it was there from another adventure last night, unhooking an S hook from the ceiling, to lend it to friend next door, too complicated to explain now.

 So I finally got the steps upstairs and situated in my least favorite place, at the head of the stairs, where the alarm is.  Replaced the battery, after prodding and banging to find out how the little door opens.  Climbed down again, all smug.  Chirping continues. Took out and replaced battery.  Chirping.

Realized it must be the CO alarm on the nearby wall.  Got that off, wrenched open the little door.  And found it needs three AAs.
Back downstairs, rifle through kitchen drawer full of seeds and clips and rubber bands and batteries, amazingly found three AAs.

Back upstairs, install them, more or less got alarm hung back on wall, silly keyhole openings in the back you can't see to hang.  Got out phone and put in note to self to get more batteries.

Then breakfast for all, and catch up on email.  This is where the morning suddenly sped past, since I found I'd fallen asleep upright and woke up about an hour later. So the day did reboot.

Made a wonderful spicy soup as a consolation prize and good lunch for a cold rainy day.  Can't reproduce this, since it included all the rest of the steamed green beans from last night's dinner with Handsome Son, a bowl of spicy vegetables donated by Indian friend, chicken bones from last night, two containers of the water you get when you wash the blender after making pesto, onions and garlic, usual base in olive oil.  And very good it was, spicy but not too much so.  Hot biscuit to go with.  This restored me a treat. And made me feel a bit less incompetent about being unable to find a stepladder in the middle of the living room.


  1. It's a kind of denial of fact. how could it possibly be in the living room? it must be an illusion... The only thing worse is to actually move the ladder to find the ladder...

    But the soup looks wonderful.

  2. Step ladders hiding in plain sight - the nerve. Glad the chirp was fixed. My main chirping angst always comes from my cell phone who regularly decides that I really need to know that there's a text waiting . the middle of the night. I can hear the stupid thing even though it's inside my purse which is in the living room closet. And telling me to remember to shut it off before I go to bed is about as useless as tilting at windmills.


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