Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Summer came back, but looking like October

Today was the warmest day in a while, high 80sF and a little breeze, perfect for people to do what I did, mosey over to Cranbury, for ice cream before the shop closes for the season, then walk about. 

Amazing how many people are free in the daytime to be out and about, all ages, reminder that everyone is not on a nine to five workday. This is my second positively last ice cream of the season, and I wonder now if I will make a few more positively final appearances, like an Italian tenor.  I'm not fighting it.

Anyway, after the obligatory icecream at the store all tricked up for Halloween, I went over to Village Park, to see sun on the water, a favorite sight. 

I notice yet again that I do like those empty benches in front of a view.  They suggest stories and happenings to me.  And sun sparkling on water.  And shadows in trees and of trees.  This is one of those days where I don't draw nor paint, but store up images which will later occur to me as I'm working.

Then home to the last of the fruit crumble and a cup of coffee, very Viennese, and an Emma Lathen.  If you have not read any of them, you might really enjoy.  It's a series of detective stories set in the world of high finance, but a lot more fun than that sounds, with great comic characters and dialog.  Written by two women, both from that life, it is as funny as it is wise.  I'm rereading, just to have  books I can laugh out loud at.  Urgently needed at this point in history.

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