Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I write to you midst shot and shell, to quote the poet

So we are at the start of a long long long period of renovation in the development.  After years of prodding and wailing and pushing and generally being squeaky wheels to the Board, we have taken out a massive loan, and are now at work.  

Starting a couple of weeks ago, all the roofs are being completely replaced, yay, fixing the leaks in my ceiling, I hope, and all the wood siding, rotted and rotten looking, replaced with some synthetic stuff that lasts forever or near to it.

This will be great when finished, meanwhile, there will be a long period of noise and disruption and dust and sneezing and general chaos.  I have to move furniture off the patio, and put away my solar light for safekeeping, and generally hope my little trees survive having stuff flying down on them from a great height. Parking is always tight anyway, and with many spaces taken for vehicles and setup, even more so.  If you are out in the evening, your parking spots are gone before you get home.  

I don't store anything in the eaves, so I don't need to do anything about that, though I have neighbors frantically emptying out the storage of years from there and figuring out where it is to go, since it was in the eaves because there wasn't anywhere else...But this too shall pass.

Meanwhile, it's a kid's paradise to see all the big rigs and giant digging and pulling and hauling machinery, and all the huge chunks of debris flying down off the roofs.  I can't watch while men are trotting about on the ridgeline waving large roofing panels, though.
And they worry if anyone gets too close, hence the distance pic of the current roof under construction down the street.


  1. Sounds like fun (not!) But the end result will be worth all the chaos I'm sure. We're in the middle of a little chaos here too.

  2. Yes, it will be lovely. My condo underwent an ever more massive reno, involving replacing all the windows, everything. Terrible to live through, but terrific once done. Property values shot up too. So we hope to live through this one too and enjoy not looking so shabby at the end.


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