Sunday, July 31, 2016

In the absence of doves

Yesterday's storm provided us with six inches of rain in two hours, causing massive flooding, abandoned cars, water rescues, state of emergency declared, all around.  Son needed an hour to get over a five minute trip home, caught in the midst.  My home and his are safe and dry, though.

However, massive dislocation of traffic, nearest six lane highway mostly closed for miles, canals over banks, little streams suddenly major waterways.  We forget we live in a floodplain until this kind of thing comes up out of nowhere.

So this morning, a little chipmunk showed up, looking down suspiciously at the ground, recently over his head in water, and being careful to make his way on top of fences and chairs rather than his usual paths through my groundcover.

In case anyone followed the weather reports from here, pretty dramatic ones, this post is to assure you that all is well for me and mine and most of our friends. Except for the friend away for the day who had left the car sunroof open.  They're still vacuuming out water from it.

I have to be on the road this pm to submit work to a gallery show, so I'm hoping those roads will be open.  We'll see.  And tomorrow is supposed to be a plein air artist day, alas, at a park next to the canal which broke its banks, so again, we'll see. I'm following police updates to see if roads are open again.  There will be more rain, and we'll have to see whether it's practical to try to get there.


  1. Ill send you some of our dry weather if you can send me a few buckets of your flood plain. And yes,take care down there, I know you're ever careful, but sometimes stuff comes out of nowhwere in weather like that.

    Right now our flood plain (which is downtown not up here) has rocks showing at the bottom of the river that crosses the town, and you could walk along the bottom of it, admiring the view and the junk.

    I love that "in the absence of doves", a chipmunk.


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