Thursday, July 28, 2016

Upcycled art, with an assist from nature and birds

Here's an upcycled orphan earring, now working as a pin on the dress I'm wearing today, thank you Meryl!  Do you ever do this with a sole earring after you lose its mate?  I have a number of pins like this one.  

You just push the stem through as if through a pierced ear, attach the finding on the back, and you have a pin. And if you don't blog about it, people don't see it's upcycled. There are more, which will probably find their homes in artworks, but this one just seemed very right for a denim dress.

And then a simple setup in the bathroom, with a daisy, picked from divisions given last year by a neighbor, thank you Karen, and flourishing on the patio, along with a wildflower sort of sunflower, I think, which showed up in one of the containers after the lettuce had gone to seed. 

And you see in there Italian parsley flowers, looking just like their wild relative, Queen Anne's Lace, and a feather I found on the street, donated by my local flicker.  He's around here a lot, and is welcome except when he sits on the chimney and hammers at it in search of insects, causing a racket like a motor suddenly starting up two floors down, in my fireplace.  

People with cats will know that there are very few places in the house where I can safely put cut flowers.  One is here in the bathroom, and the other is on top of a bookcase.  Any other place and the flowers are scattered, the water drunk, and general chaos, including broken containers, can result. But the bathroom has the additional advantage of mirrors, which give you more for the price of admission.  The container here was a little birthday gift from Girija, thank you, and is really a candle holder, but I'm using it for flowers since it works perfectly that way, too.

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