Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Post. Of the year, that is.

The Dollivers, pianist Elton being on vacation until Monday he tells us, union rules, did an a cappella New Year's party, complete with garlic butter and paneer snacks and a nice Prosecco.

 Paneer, made this afternoon and mixed with walnuts and honey highly recommended.

Note the roasted garlic head in the blue bowl, also made this afternoon, wonderful spread on toast.  And I managed to open the Prosecco, despite a semi wonky hand, amazing what determination will do.
Wishing us all a great new year, and good things in 2015, they posed before the ceremonial opening of the bubbly, then after a swig or two each, lost a hat on the way back to sit a little glazed and happy on the sofa. 

Marigold had doubts about their sobriety but ignored it on the grounds that she's been known to enjoy a little catnip now and then.

And they spent some blissful time, see Bette Davis minus hat,  after singing Auld Lang Syne, and Champagne Charlie, and I'll be With You in Apple Blossom Time, getting the seasons a trifle mixed,  deciding on New Year resolutions.  

They resolved that Boud should make them new outfits, that she should arrange a ski trip on the first fall of snow, and that she should have bubbly all the time.  Duncan tested the glass and reared back in alarm at the bubbles, so he's not in competition for it. In fact he went and got under the quilt upstairs so as to be safe from them.

And we all shouted out good wishes to you all!   Since blogistas are celebrating the incoming year at many different times, we struck an average.  The wishes are good for the whole year.  And at 10 p.m. EST we promise to shout it all again!

Happy Hogmanay!  Lang may yer lum reek!   translation: long may your chimney smoke, i.e. long may you live in good health.


  1. Happy new year to a all, and here's hoping that the Dollivers don't have the tiniest of headaches tomorrow morning.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, near and far. I raise my glass in your honour(chink) Good Health and every best wish to you all.

  3. Cheers,everyone! The Dollivers have nodded off, and I'm having a little second glass of Prosecco on their behalf...happy 2015 to us all.

  4. They DO look a bit glazed! And Marigold looks as though they MAY be singing a bit loudly. Hope all are feeling bright-eyed and chipper this morning :)
    And it's 17F here at nearly 9AM, so my lum had better be reeking!
    Happy 2015 to you and yours, Boud :)

  5. Looks like a grand celebration was had by all!

  6. Happy New Year! :) Roasted garlic on toast sounds divine.


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