Monday, April 14, 2014

The Winning Dogs make a Command Performance

The authors of Knit your Own Dog, from which the purebreds you see here came, with my help, but not the shaggy dog and her pup, strictly sui generis, are having a book signing somewhere in England soon.

So I asked the people in Ravelry who will be there to give my personal thanks to them, and I linked  to the Westminster Dog Show entry in my blog, showing the winning dog and his friends.

But that was taken in rather poor evening light so I thought I should be fair and give them another whirl, waiting for a bus on top of my fence.  Left to right: Irish setter, whippet, wire haired terrier, shaggy mixed breed, shaggy mixed breed puppy.

It's windy today, causing many falls from the fence in the course of the photo shoot, and causing the Dollivers to refuse flatly to appear and get their hair all messed up.  I should know -- we've gone from Hat Hair weather right into Wind Hair weather. 

No awards for winning dogs today, they're all winners!


  1. Now these are just plain awwwwww! I hope nobody was hurt in the falls from the fence.

  2. It seems like forever since I last looked and read here. I don't know where my time is going. I'm loving your pictures and writing as always.


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