Friday, April 11, 2014

Daffodils, finally!

The daffodils in the wood suddenly bust out all over, lovely sudden sight after such a long winter.  For new readers, this is a 9.11 tribute from our family, in honor of friends and colleagues who died that day, and it's a symbol of life going on no matter what.

It was Handsome Partner's idea

we all went to the garden center bought a giant bag of mixed daffodil bulbs, and came home to plant them.  It became a family joke, since he could walk but not dig at that point, that he pointed and Mike and I dug!  but we were happy with our project, and have been happy every spring since.  

It's the reason Handsome Partner requested daffodils be planted in his memory, rather than any other ceremonies, because he could see what pleasure as well as memory they bring back year after year. People in several countries have planted in his honor, and I get updates from them each year, which pleases me a lot.Several of my neighbors have daffodils blooming here in his honor, too.

So here they are, yay all of us and Spring!


  1. Lovely. My bulbs have managed to push through an inch or so looking all wiggly and exhausted. A few more warm(er) days and they should straighten up bravely and give one in the eye for winter!

  2. Wonderful! Spring at last :) And what a wonderful way to remember.

  3. So good to see those flowers. Still having snow off and on where we live, no surprise there. Been thinking about your friend, K. I think you're on to something with planting memorial flowers that bloom when we all need hope and reassurance that life does go on - Jean in Cowtown

  4. Good you got things sorted so we can see these wonderful blooms!!

  5. Such wonderful symbolism - and beauty - in those daffs. We're a long ways from them blooming here but they are sure trying!


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