Saturday, April 12, 2014

Signs of Spring

A walk on the Preserve, first since last fall, in sunshine, in the company of bees of all sizes, hurtling about, tree swallows suddenly everywhere, sounds of woodpeckers drumming and rattling, and best of all a redwing blackbird shouting somewhere on the lakeside. 

A lot of mud in the woods, but a great cluster of fox prints, too, looks like I was on their main street, many overlapping and multiple tracks, different size. Many deer tracks, too, some huge. There must be a many-point buck there.


Pix are of the view across the lake, where the trees are just starting to show red buds, before the green appears, and a tree overhanging the water with catkins.

Then there are other signs of spring: my friend's Ducati out for a spring airing.

And the chair on the patio, first time this year, set up with tea tray and Lucia book for me to sink into, as soon as I've done this!


  1. Lovely shots, makes me wish I was there. Also I hope that your tea and book were good.

  2. Wonderful that you can go for a lovely walk and then sit outside. Actually toyed with the idea of cleaning up the balcony chairs today but then thought better of it. Supposed to get cold again next week.

  3. Your chaise and pillow and book look most inviting! Yesterday I took a break after morning chores and had lunch on my screenporch for the first time this was such a nice surprise to be able to do that! Birds at the feeder, Piper on "her" cushioned chair, goats and hens out soaking up the beautiful sun. Glad I took the opportunity, as it is gloomy and a bit wet today.

  4. Bees! How wonderful!

    We've still got our chill weather - flurries yesterday, and the chance of flurries today. It rained a little bit on Friday. We were so excited at work that we clustered around the window to watch it. Then it turned to snow. We went back to work.

  5. All pics ever so lovely - and is that a Mapp and Lucia book? I remember the tv series being so very funny.

  6. Yes, it's that one! a volume containing several Mapp and Lucia novels. I have the videocassettes of the whole tv version, very good indeed, often rewatch them at night.


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