Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day! Take care of our big blue marble.

The Dollivers celebrated Earth Day by sitting among the daffodils, singing along with Elton, and some of the Minivers, the other Minivers refused, since they were not in the Easter picture,  always with the political issues, and watching me wash down the chaises for the season, and pointing out the bits I missed here and there.

After a few choruses of Easter Parade, and April Showers, the chairs dried in the warm wind, and the ensemble  took up leisure pose, complete with Agatha Christie, and a warm wrap in case their little toes get cold.. 

They would like to point out that, as recycled people themselves, upcycled in the case of Elton, they are all very green.  Very Earth friendly. Just sayin'


  1. Good thing the D's have their blanket at the ready - there's still a little nip in the air and we can't have them catching cold!

  2. Snow in the forecast for tonight here in Cowtown - I'm feeling a bit recycled myself. Your daffodils, green grass, I'm green with envy - Jean in Cowtown


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