Monday, April 8, 2013

The Last of the Harvest of 2012

Here's the very last of the 2012 farmshare about to become a lovely soup, with the addition of carrots (farm doesn't do carrots, our soil not very good for them).  So, since the new season opens in mid May, I'd say this was a terrific investment -- farmfresh veggies from mid May to mid April, and that's only what I froze for myself.  It doesn't count what I gave to friends.  And ate fresh, and cooked right away.   All I had to buy was a few potatoes and a couple of carrots, aside from the potatoes I grew in containers on the deck, that is.

Smug.  that's me.  Also the Big Wall is nearly finished....stopped before I reached a place where serious furniture and glass ornament moving will be needed.  Anyway the tray was empty of paint. This is a very sane way to redecorate!  I have a painting date set for a few days' time after other obligations are met.

So now I can get on with my current lovely embroidery, a biscornu designed by one of our embroidery chapter members.  This is while I think and plan about goldwork, in anticipation of the book's arriving. and practice my trills on the recorder and other pieces.  

It's all go!


  1. Looks yummy and it all sounds fabulous.

  2. Thanks to your inspiration, we have ordered our first produce box here...looking forward to seeing what might be inside. Evidently the program here goes year round at the cost of $15/month. We'll see!!


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