Saturday, April 13, 2013


This is the South Asian student group at one of the local high schools, and the annual bash, of student written script, dancing, staging, organizing, including a great dinner, was last night, despite terrible torrential rain.  

The slightly damp audience had a great Indian dinner, served in the school commons, just like being back at school except the food was great, then we trooped into the auditorium for an evening of music, dancing,skits, and general great stuff.  Tarang J. my honorary grand daughter was the person in charge of the whole event this year, as president of the association and what a great job she did.  

She organized the whole thing, dinner and concert, wrote the script for the skits, organized the program printing, danced and sang in the event. Gosh do I sound like a proud grandma or what!

 Handsome Son came with me to visit his old high school for the first time in the many years since he graduated and had a weird experience revisiting it in a different part of his life.  The auditorium we were in for the concert is newly built since his time, which made him feel quite, um, mature!

Since the students we know are now seniors, we won't have any connections with next year's cast, but I think we might go again anyway, just to support a nice event.

Pix are not great because the lighting was pretty low, but you get the gist!



  1. Entertainment and great Indian grub. Couldn't ask for more really.

  2. Boud, this is just stunning--it also shows what can be done if you give someone the freedom to create something. I love the photos, and you have every right to be proud of her. Brava, brava.

  3. Well done on her part, looks like you and HS had a great time, too. While you experienced pouring rain, we had snow on snow on snow....J in Cowtown


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