Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chop Spring Wood, Carry Spring Water, Paint Walls

Just so tired of waiting for actual Spring weather, so I decided I couldn't be pestered waiting any longer and I set to work to paint the living room this morning.  One wall at a time, my usual policy, so that I've finished the plan before I'm worn out and regretting getting into it. And I use cheap old rollers and toss the sleeves promptly. Also swathe the paint tray in a plastic bag which I invert and toss after the painting session, thus avoiding boring cleanup.  I just think the whole world should follow my method, it's that good.

Full disclosure:  I've been glancing up at this particular wall, between living room and kitchen, the dining area, focal point, for about two years and idly wondering if I would ever regain the strength and the balance and the interest to actually paint it.  I do have the paint in the house, a mix I made for myself of a semi gloss white and a flat yellow, which gives a lovely low sheen in palest yellow.   Well, anyway, there it was waiting.

Then suddenly, today was the day to test my strength.  And I found that an hour and a bit was enough to do a very nice job on one wall -- and I went over the next a bit just to use up what's in the tray -- so this is good.  I was amazed to find I was very steady on the steps, no problem at the ceiling level, or the floor level, equally a challenge.  This is where I brag that my weight training is, too, useful, neener!

Now I won't have to cringe at the drips down the wall where dear little kitties knocked stuff off the pass through.  Or the fingermarks left by the installers when the thermostat was replaced.  All that.  Not to mention that the old color was a very nice pale dusty pink which looked terrible against the newly painted adjacent hallway and opposite wall which I painted last year in this nice yellow, very mildly sunny.

So there you are, after all the highflown musical and art adventures of recent times, it's back to chop wood, carry water, paint walls. You have to take my word for it that the wall in the pix is in fact pale yellow, a shade that refuses to register on my camera.  Just imagine pale primroses nestling in the glen. Yeah, that'll work.

And the rollers are tightly wrapped in plastic to bring out in the next day or so to do the Big Wall, the biggest in the house, in fact.  After that most of the room is more or less accounted for.  Smaller walls, corners, we'll burn that bridge when we come to it..


  1. I do that with rollers and trays, so much easier than spending time washing up. Good job done we need to do our house, just can't face it

  2. You are such a good girl. Redecorating is not my forte other than the picking out of colours etc. I would much prefer to leave it to someone else.

  3. Pale Primrose sounds lovely. Only an hour....Wow....good for you.

  4. Made my way over to your blog to read what fun you'd been having. Yes, nothing like a fresh coat of paint where needed to provide a pick-me-up in a room. I, too, employ your easy peasey paint and roller method. I have yet to be able to rinse and clean a roller sufficiently for it to be used the next day without issue. Would you call your pale yellow colour "butter cream"? Do be careful with the top bits - we don't want to read of you getting casted. - Jean in Cowtown


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