Monday, April 1, 2013

No foolin! late breaking March news in April

This is virtuoso recorder playing in action! to be exact, a celebrated member of our Recorder Society chapter, and well known early music performer,John Burkhalter. John marked March as Play the Recorder Month 2013 in characteristically generous style, playing solo free "popup" performances around Princeton on Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th.

He played selections from The Beggar's Opera and music of the Netherlands to audiences in Princeton University Art Museum, the Music Department Woolworth Building, in the lobby of Princeton Public Library, and, specially for children, on the third floor of the Library. At the libe, a small dancer suddenly joined in, an unexpected bonus! He also played at the Firestone Library and Labyrinth Books.

These were all short concerts, all in walking distance one to another, played solo to different audiences at each location, as a series of spontaneous events. This was such a gift to the community, in honor of recorder playing and his own belief that though he himself is a virtuoso player, respected in the world of early music, anyone may enjoy, listen to, and play music at their own level. You've heard me banging on about how art is for everyone, and now you see a musician doing likewise, putting it into action. Couldn't resist showing you here!

He encourages everyone to try, and the conductors he engages to lead our monthly Recorder Society meetings, themselves well known performers, are very much in agreement with this approach! Thank you, from all of us, John, all year round.

So that's our entry into April, with a tribute to the end of March!Please note that the photo credit goes to Darryl Kestler, recorder player and, as you see, photographer.

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