Sunday, April 28, 2013

Afternoon delight, freecycle style, that is, I can't think what you thought I was going to say...


Anyway, or "so" (have you noticed this is the new way to start every sentence?) I was gloomily perusing the freecycle site this morning, thinking oh well, there's nothing I'm going to need and want and oh well, taxes due to the township next week, very broke right now, and there it was:  slipcovers in creamy white with sort of pink flowers, Ikea, for three seater sofa.

Just when I realized there is no money whatever in the budget to replace my old green cover which I'm so tired of that even the cats don't like it much, here comes a lovely new one.  So I was invited to go pick up, I guess I was an early responder for once, and brought home a BRAND NEW slipcover set, complete, which FITS my sofa, in a nice loose shabby chic fit.

So once in a while the universe thinks, so, let's send her a treat for being such a Good Person, So Nice, So Kind, So Thoughtful, No Matter What Anyone Says, and here it is.  Totally clean, no need to do anything but put it on.  And take a picture as a brag unit.

So the old green tie on slipcover thingy from Target can move to the loveseat at right angles to this sofa, and the ancient quilt ,currently covering it and tending to be hard to sit on, since it ditches the sitter gently onto the floor, will be retired to the spare bed or something.

See, or so, things is good.


  1. Very nice. Isn't it nice when the stars align, or whatever it that happens to make us feel as though things are going our way. I'm just waiting for number 3 to happen (sounds very greedy I know) so that I know the road I have decided to take is the right one.

  2. Love your free cycle stories. Is it the luck of the Irish, or what?
    BTW, the King Alfred daffs have come into bloom...they're down by the river and I've had two sets of neighbours standing there poleaxed staring at them.....nuttin like this used to happen !

  3. Starting sentences with "so" has been a bad habit of mine for a very long time. I try to catch when I post, but...sometimes it sneaks past me.

    I recognized the Ikea pattern before I read the post. I love that one, but it won't fit either of my sofas or any of my chairs and I can't justify buying a piece of furniture just because I like that fabric.

    There is a word that means the opposite of jealousy. It is compersion. It means happiness that people you care about have found happiness with each other.

    I have compersion for you and the slipcovers.

  4. Super blessing, pretty covers, and I too have compersion for you, the covers and the cats.

  5. Lucky find, that slipcover. "Anyway" and "So" are also part of my collection of bad habits. I tend to write the way I speak. I'll have to pay more attention, either that or write and speak less. - J in Cowtown

  6. Great find. Good you called on it.


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