Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dollivers, Annies and Elton bring in the New Year to you

The Ds wanted to be ahead of the game a bit, and are already partying in the New Year, along with Elton and the Annies.

Elton, by special request from Boud, refrained from playing Auld Lang Syne, and subbbed with Scots Wha Hae, a bit bloodthirsty, but oh well, and in honor of the new gowns sported by the Ds, a whole medley of show tunes, including Oklahoma in honor of the Minnesota Annies, well, a bit off target, geography not being his strong point, and ballet themes vaguely resembling the Firebird Suite.  All in all, a creditable performance.

the Ds have decided that these new duds have to have names, so they posed and dictated what I should say for each of them.

Here's Dreads modeling Rosebud

and Blondie Firstborn in Millefleur Medley

Call Me Michelle in Firebird

NameMe in Mysterious Spanish Princess

Bette Davis in Girl of the Golden West

While all this posing and bossing was going on, Elton quietly threw a Tinies Party attended by the three Annies and Canadian Doll, who has taken up permanent residence at the piano with Elton.

And we all wish you all a Happy New Year and a good 2013 to everyone.


  1. Happy New Year to you all too Liz.

  2. The very happiest of days in 2013, to you and the D's.

  3. Happy New Year, Liz!

    I love the Dollivers and now the Annies - and they are SO fashionably dressed :-)

    JoyceP in WI


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