Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cheery note in December gloom

Not my most up time of year, in fact I think it would be much better not to fight against the short days and the cold, and just get under a blanket with a good book and two cats until Spring. However, my begonia in the kitchen indicated that she thinks it's Spring already, and since yesterday put out this little stem with pink flowers all ready to bust out all over. And I'm torn between saying oh, thank you, and oh, shut up already..
In a few days' time it will be flowering season for local witch hazel, too. And maybe a few snowdrops on the patio. Meanwhile, I'm reading good books.

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  1. Got all caught up with your posts. Looking forward to photos of the blooms - Blanche is doing her thing, too, and one of the amaryllises is starting to open, on a short stem. Love.


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