Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Good New Year

In honor of blogistas at the antipodes who are well into Christmas early morning at this point, here comes the Christmas Blogpost from all of us to all of you.

Elton wishes to state that his holiday program ranged from Jingle Bells to Minuit Chretiens, with stops off at the Coventry Carol and The Twelve Days of Christmas. 

The Annies are anxious to point out that the snow on the creche is actually quite warm, being a fun fur scarf swiped from Boud,and not at all like the real stuff they left behind in Minnesota.  And the Dollivers remember about the creche and the figures in it from last year, and quite like it, the figures already being dressed and not in need of borrowing anything from them.

Boud has reread A Child's Christmas in Wales, a lovely edition from the 60s hand bound with woodcuts by Ellen Raskin, on the blank cover of which Handsome Son many years ago, probably aged about seven, wrote in the title, then decorated it with a jeweled cross for reasons that remain mysterious, but have become more dear with the passing years.  Duncan and Marigold will be content with a nice bit of nip over the holidays, Duncan being very happy that an old friend we haven't seen in a while stopped in yesterday and renewed their acquaintance, they being very good friends.

Handsome Son and I will be going out to celebrate at a buffet restaurant, where he can have lovely roast beef, and I can have lovely whole salmon to slice from, and a lot of other choices of all kinds, no work involved beyond carrying food to our table.  This will be good!

And we all wish you a good season, and a happy New Year, and good friends and neighbors to share it with.


  1. Merry Christmas Liz. Enjoy your lunch. xxx

  2. Hope you and HS have a wonderful Christmas celebration, all the best in 2013, J&H&H from Cowtown

  3. Wishing you a blessedly peaceful holiday season. Happy New Year!!

    JoyceP in WI


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