Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hippo Birdies to Me!

Beautiful flowers appeared at my house, and the whole place is filled with different scents, wonderful at this time of year specially.  Handsome Son will come by this morning to cook and serve us a special birthday lunch. Life is good.

I don't want to seem heartless by failing to note the terrible events of yesterday in Connecticut, but don't want to add to the prying coverage,either, very disrespectful to the people whose lives now fall into before and after.  But I am praying, and I will walk the labyrinth for all of them.


  1. A very happy birthday to my most beloved honourary grandmother!

  2. Happy birthday Liz, hope you are having a great day x

  3. Happy Birthday my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day. xxx

  4. The shooting victims were remembered in our intercessory prayers at Mass last night here in Calgary, too. Such a tragedy, but we must also celebrate life as well. In fact, in Judaism, if a funeral procession meets a wedding procession, the wedding procession has the right of way - choose life is the imperative.

    Those flowers are beautiful, Boud, your readers can imagine the scent as you describe it, heavenly at this time of year! Happy B-Day! - J in Cowtown

  5. happy birthday, boud. and may all the ones to come be as good.

    "to the people whose lives now fall into before and after."

    This is a beautiful phrase, it resonates, and says so much.Thank you...


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