Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving furniture and mountains

January is a low time of year for energy of all kinds, including the realization that I didn't even blog in here since last year, gah.

Forcing myself out to do things I'd scheduled, which, as often happens, turned out to be fun anyway despite my best intentions.  Sunday was an Embroiderers' Guild meeting, with a presentation from Karen Fynan on the trials and tribulations of qualifying for the Master Craftsman title of the national guild.  Many  stages and proofs of work and design requirements, and she brought the pieces from each stage she has completed to date, in the general area of surface embroidery.  To say the process is rigorous is putting it way too mildly. I think the documentation alone would do me in.  But her spirit is undimmed and her work is amazing.

I took pix for our newsletter, and had her permission to share on, so here are a few, showing the work members are involved in, too, since everyone brings stitching to every occasion, no matter what else is happening!  you will recognize the pillow I'm still plugging away at, and the same design but in a very different color combo, and a lot of other things, too. Notice that in one picture she's holding up the work that was a cover feature of the national magazine, Needlearts.  What I like about these pix is that they show the feeling of the meeting, very friendly and happy.  An antidote to Janblues.

Meanwhile back at home, I'm waiting for the floor covering to be in the store and a date for installation.  This gives me time to attempt to empty the two bedrooms to let the installers work.  Not easy.  So here's the hallway filled with the bookcases from one bedroom, and there are plans to stuff a lot of other items into the bathrooms at the last minute before they arrive, whenever that will be. Duncan always assumes that any pictures are about him, so he bragged about moving all that stuff himself.  It will be nice once it's done.  I keep telling myself that while I'm hauling stuff around and searching for things that already got moved and now I need them.

I think I'll go out and search for witch hazel today, take my mind off all this.


  1. That is wonderful work. I'm full of admiration for such talent (and hard work).

  2. Nice looking needlework. Ah, those puddy tats are always looking to steal the limelight.


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