Monday, January 14, 2013

Positively my final floor reno in this life

So today the house was under siege with the adventure of the Bedroom Floor Reno.  Positively the last reno I plan to do on this earth.  All my floors except the studio, over which I will draw a veil, just as well, too, have now been totally torn up and replaced and now look much better. This is a lifetime supply.

The cats were desperately trying the whole day to find hiding places from the Noises and the Big Men and the Machines as they transformed the old ghastly builder's installed "carpet" with a very good laminate.  As soon as they left, the Big Men, not the cats, a neighbor called to ask if he could come over and admire this evening and help me put stuff back.  Handsome Son is coming over anyway, so there'll be plenty of hands at work.  The cleaners come tomorrow so I need the place to be in neatish shape.  But they'll be pretty glad to see how much vacuuming they no longer have to do, I guess.  Stairs only now.

So here's the before, well, not the old carpeting, but the process

and the after.



  1. You can edit the size of the photos, click on the picture in Edit mode and you get a little strip underneath it with choices.

    Yay! for new floors. I'm envious. We have crappy carpet and want wood, or something like it. But haven't gotten around to dealing with it, yet.

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful, love the colour, reminds me of the warmth of cinnamon. This will be a better flooring for your health, too. Very nice job, fresh updated look. Now I have floor envy....J in Cowtown

  3. Kitty, thanks for the tip -- after a bit of searching, I found the sizing bar, in compose mode. I usually use HTML because that is much easier for placing the pix where I want them, and use compose only to upload. Blogger was having issues yesterday -- first it changed the size of my pix for unknown reasons,then I couldn't get in to comment in my own blog! the nerve!

  4. That looks very, very nice. I knew we had helped you pick a great colour.

  5. A wonderful floor! Wood is SO much nicer than carpet (how I wish we could have it in the apartment but alas - it's not allowed). All the upheaval was definitely worthwhile.

  6. Very lovely! I bet the cats were creeping around on it, trying to figure out what one earth had happened.


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