Monday, January 21, 2013

The Dollivers Celebrate a Glorious Twofer

Inauguration Day of an African American president, for his second term, showing it was no fluke the first time around, and Martin Luther King day both at the same time.  Martin must be singing happily in Heaven over this one!  well, a lot of us are.

Including the Dollivers, who have been patiently set up on their bleachers awaiting the parade for a while now.  Attempts to explain that the parade will not actually be coming up our street all failed, and the Annies joined them in their insistence that they are too part of the parade.  Ooooookay....and Elton has been thumping the ivories for ages, with all the best Sousa renditions, including the Washington Post March, and on to My Country Tis of Thee, and America the Beautiful, not to mention Oh, You Beautiful Dollivers.

They all insisted on wearing their fancy New Year's kit, with the addition of special hats, in honor of Aretha Franklin's iconic one, last time around.

Happy Day, Everyone!  from all of us to all of you.


  1. Glory Halleluja and the dollivers go marching on

  2. Or, as they now insist, they are known as DOFUS. I was too nice to point out that this looks like doofus...

  3. I want to know - is that an old photo, because I can see GREEN GRASS in the background, and leafy greenery! If it is current, then I have chlorophyll envy. And are the dollivers setting off fireworks tonight? J in Cowtown (where we are socked in frozen)

  4. Photo taken a few minutes before I posted it in here! and the Ds set off fireworks all the time around here...


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