Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shamrocks! Dollivers! Erin go Bear!

The Ds. have now given Elton the idea that each occasion involves a new outfit for him, too, so, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, he requested a replica of his Irish grandmother's shoulder shawl, and here he is, a proud Irish bear. One being told there aren't bears in Ireland he insisted this is not so, it was the SNAKES St. Patrick drove out, not the bears. There are plenty of genuine bears. And he liked the crocheted shawl.

The Dollivers, rising above this dialog, got dolled up in their satin evening St. Patrick outfits, since they plan on dancing later, and in their photo shoot set, got up to look like the Mountains of Mourne, send their best greetings to all Irishmen, whether permanent or temporary just for the day, and to all well dressed dolls everywhere. The Little Dolls allowed as how they'd had their moment in the sun when the Irish Christmas card came,so they bowed out of the photo shoot on condition that their card make an appearance, which it did.

Elton played the first fifty-two verses of Docherty's Duck, to celebrate the day, followed by Mother Machree and, special request of Boud,the Salley Gardens.

Note the traveling shamrock motif.


  1. Everyone looks top o' the mornin' - and I trust Boud does too.

  2. The Dolli's are better dressed than me these days... wonder if they will lend me their stylist?


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