Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CSA More Alphabet Soup, literally

So I've invested in a half-share at our newly opened CSA, Community Supported Ag., place, which is the very farm where I've been going for years and years for produce newly pulled out of the ground -- heck, the corn is picked every hour and delivered to the farmstand that way.

They finally joined the CSA movement, which for blogistas unfamiliar with this, is a scheme where you pay upfront a fee for the entire growing season, here nearly 25 weeks, and each week on a given day, show up and receive a bag of this week's fresh produce, whatever is ripe now. And this CSA also does handmade soap, courtesy of the daughter of the place, and cut flowers. corn is a staple of their produce, so once corn is in, it will probably show up every week, yay, in addition to all kinds of veggies and soft fruits.

This is too cool, because I do eat largely produce, so this way I will have someone else pick and pack, and get a surprise every week when I pick up my share. If it's too large, Handsome Son gallantly offered to take up the slack, and I have vegetarian friends in the neighborhood who wouldn't mind, either. But I'm hoping for unfamiliar vegetables which I can figure out how to cook and eat. They grow Indian vegs. now and I have built in friends to consult on them.

Pickup starts in late May, and I already have my official Pickup Number and Day. All that remains is for the Dollivers to settle who will come on the farm run each week. I pointed out that with 25 weeks, everyone will get at least one turn. I might have to run a lottery.

I drew the line at Elton, who's been around the Ds too much, if you ask me, and I flatly refused to load his piano into the car to do the run. Also all the dogs started barking up a storm of requests and I had to tell them No Dogs on the Farm, unless they live there. So they subsided with many a mutter and a growl, and they have not given up on ways to stow away and make the trip.

But I'm chuffed at the new CSA, which if it's organized the way that farm is run, will go like oiled clockwork. I like supporting this family, three generations currently working the farm, and I mean working. And they have a huge wide range of produce and fruits, many varieties, so I doubt if I will be bored with my share.

Support Your Local Farmer! I do.


  1. Our granddaughter and hub belong to a group like that too! I would, if I had a car. Wonderful.

  2. I love the sound of that! Please post pictures of your hauls for us to enjoy visually.

  3. Sounds like a very good way of getting your dose of fresh fruit and veg. I'm looking forward to seeing your weekly surprises and what you do with the more unusual items.

  4. I saw something about a similar group here last year and now you have me wondering if it will return. Now we live in the apt. and can't have a garden it would be nice to get some fresh goodies.


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