Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Return of the Minis!

I needed to populate those empty bookcases, so today I unwrapped and set up a collection of Limoges porcelain miniature pieces, some netsuke (belonged to HP via me!) various little animals

and a tableau of miniature furniture pieces I built, some from scratch, others adapted, plus a bunch of miniature rugs and pillows and pictures, most of which I designed and stitched.

On the dresser at the far right is a group of miniature mudmen, antique handmade clay figures depicting various activities, a great flea market find! they're less than half an inch tall. The book you see at the back is hand stitched, a 16 page signature, all done like a fullsize book, suede cover, leather corner covers and spine. Near the book is a pair of glasses, made from wire, with lenses! I can't tell you how excited people get when I show them how to do this.

I also unearthed various items of foods and other things, which I put back away so that I can teach the skills to kids (or adults, I've done both) at some time. The miniature furniture and rugs are all one twelfth scale, the standard dollhouse scale, that is. Some blogistas own a rug from me, so you know the scale.

The interesting thing about making miniature needlework is that you quickly find you have to miniaturize the colors, too, so that they look natural at this scale. No use stitching a cobalt and white Pa. Dutch rug in cobalt and white, since it looks stiff and artificial. But a dusty midrange blue and a shade of cream do the job just fine.

The pillows you see here are about one inch square, backed with cotton. The rocker and tall red stool I carved from toothpicks and balsa wood.

It was fun to revisit all these items, and no doubt to play with them rearranging them over the next few days. In case you were wondering, there is a substance you can use to anchor tiny pieces safely on the furniture, so that a vase doesn't fall over in a draft, or the little glasses suddenly get lost if a window is opened. You put a little dot of it, anchor the piece and it doesn't stain the furniture or the piece. But before I do that I have to finish playing!


  1. I respect miniaturists. Working in such small detail is impressive enough but to do it so well. Thanks for sharing; they would brighten up any living space.

  2. Loved seeing your miniatures. Reminded me of Heather's dollhouse which her dad built and we furnished, long ago given away to another little girl and her sister, but she kept the rocking chair. The pillows were a nice touch on your mini rocker. What patient work! J in Cowtown

  3. Beautiful work. It made me find and fondle the lovely little rug of yours that lives in my 'dollhouse' - the glassdoored three level bookshelves on my wonderful old desk, populated with furniture and small animals, etc

  4. I am absolutely swooning looking at your miniatures. I always, always wanted a doll's house and have had to restrain myself several times over the years from buying one and starting a collection. Luckily (or unluckily maybe) I don't have the room required.


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