Monday, March 26, 2012

She's baaaaack, one wall at a time

I have finally recovered my housepainting strength, yay, and a couple of days ago repainted the front door an exciting dark green (required color by HOA, sigh), and today repainted a big living room wall that had had a nonmatching closet door (old one tossed, replacement brought down from upstairs, happened to match the bedroom, oh well) and many bumps and bangs from HP's wheelchair.

So a new lease of life happened all around. The one wall at a time philosophy enables me to get the house done without moving everything and dislocating life and having a big cleanup. It's how I did a condo with a soaring cathedral ceiling, and how I did this three story townhouse.

I had thought the paint, which has been waiting patiently for years to be used, was a kind of peachy pale color and when I opened the can of course you couldn't tell the color, since it had separated, so much stirring later I found, oh, this is interesting, it's a kind of buttery yellow, nice and warm but then I had to paint the door because it still won't match. These things happen to amateur housepainters. I notice that though it looks yellowy peach in life, it looks a lot more peach in the photo, hm, must be the red coming through. Cameras are traitors when it comes to red, even red undertones.

Thrilling to find that I can still climb up the little step thing and still have a nice steady hand for the edges, and that I'm strong enough to wield the roller without getting all tired, yay for strength training. Anyway,I'm unbearably smug about this, and feeling very well.

Last evening I also did a little bit of drawing sitting up in bed, still need to get out and find Pilot pens, but I'm using what's to hand anyway.

Then today I thought I'd take a pic from (very) approximately the same vantage point, just for interest.

As usual, the drawing had to be edited from life, since this is not household inventory, it's drawing! you will notice quite different shadows, since last night the lamp on my left was the light source, and this morning sunshine from a large window on the right is the source.

No wash into this one, since I thought it would be chancing my arm a bit far to be working with a glass of water balanced precariously around the bed, since Burmese kitty Marigold had decided that what I needed was a studio assistant, darting at my book and my pen as I worked.

She thinks we did a fairly okay job, all in all.


  1. I love how you have mastered the art of small-scale painting and also do the really big stuff. Wanna come and paint my house?

  2. I love the drawing! It is also quite amazing what paint can do to a space.

    Also,one thing at a time is a great philosophy for many things. I'll use it more often.

  3. Love the drawing! It makes me want to draw just whatever is around, instead of thinking "Oh, that won't be cool enough."

  4. As you paint you will find a new lease on life I suspect - I really like the idea of doing one wall at a time too (far less overwhelming than contemplating the whole room and ensuing mess). Paint on girl - it's looking great!


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