Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BD parades the Best Dogs in the Blogs

This morning, Bette Davis, Acting CEO of Dolliver Kennels, in charge of showing, hired by NameMe as the press of kennel business gets hectic, presents the full complement of the Kennels, with the welcome arrival of Irish Setter Ch.Padraic O'Dolliver of Dolliver Kennels

joining Ch.Whippet Tere Swiftson of DK and Ch.Wire Haired Terrier Sir Crispin Denham Twignibble of DK.

Also featured are Oliver, Large Shaggy Mixed Breed, and Olivier, Small Shaggy Mixed Breed.

All the denizens of Dolliver Kennels, and BD, would like to remind us all that if we're planning on getting a new puppy in the springtime, popular time to be thinking of this, that we be sure to research the sort of dog that will work in our households, and that we remember volunteer pet rescue societies, where dogs and cats and other animals are cared for in people's homes until they're ready for a permanent home.

Two of our blogistas, maybe more, but these two I know of, are heroines of that movement! Take a bow, Carol Q. and KH. Also, May's often a big kitten month, but please remember that adult cats are lovely, too, and will repay you all their lives with thanks for taking them home.

Though three of our canine crew are purebred, they pose together to show you that dogs don't care, and that the right dog for you is the right dog, papers or no papers. And that puppy mill dogs are rarely the right dog for anyone, particularly a first time owner, and that unfortunately that's where a lot of pet stores get their animals. Please research the origins before you buy heartbreak.

Marigold and Duncan, our feline wing, both taken off the streets and now living on velvet, applaud these sentiments, in a languid kind of way, not wishing to take part in any vulgar display of enthusiasm. In fact they declined to be in the pix, since the quilt upstairs was so much more appropriate on a damp day.


  1. Quite a menagerie you have there now. They all look wonderful and I agree totally with your sentiments about shelter animals. Can't beat a good old bitser cat or dog.

    I borrowed a copy of the Best in Show from the library. Great patterns. I may have to get it out again as I won't have time to make anything this time round.

  2. While I was awarding bouquets back there, I should have mentioned that Crispin was the idea of KH, excellent, since it means curly haired, and he is, and that Sir etc.etc.Twignibble, was from Mary Anne. We noted already that Marrianne and Irene created Tere Swiftson's handle.

    There. All done and credited.

  3. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that you chose my suggestion for a name - poor wee dog to be saddled with THAT the rest of his life!!


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