Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Silly Valentines

The Dollivers plunged into the crate of freecycled fabric and decided they all wanted a dress that looked like candy, so they got their wish. Different styles, of course, never do to look too much alike.

And Elton, who has now got into the swing of things, put in a work order for a new brocade hatband and cloak, and took custody of the glass hearts I received as part of a lovely Vday gift,which he arranged on his piano in a porcelain dish. Only the best.

So, suitably attired, he graciously played cabaret piano for us all. Complete with My Funny Valentine, Lullaby of Broadway, Anchors Aweigh, the British Grenadiers -- his repertoire is somewhat limited but nonetheless heartfelt.

And since Valentine's is about friendship, everyone here wishes everyone out there a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Good wishes back at y'all. Laughed at Elton's music selection.

  2. Happy V Day to you all too. Very swish new threads.


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