Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boudian Cherry Pie

In the US it's Presidents' Day, national holiday on Monday, celebrating Lincoln and Washington. Many years ago, when Handsome Son was little, I used to be sure and make a cherry pie for Washington's Birthday, symbolic food. That was when L and W each had their own birthdays celebrated.

Then the PTB in Washington decided it would be better, probably better for the retail trade, to combine them, dragging Lincoln kicking and screaming into Washington's birthday party and making him pretend it was okay really. Just shows who rated in Washington. Well, I guess the W. lobby was stronger. Or maybe the cherry pie contingent.

Anyway, cherry pie time is here, and you know how it is, if you live alone and bake a cherry pie, unless you have recipients all lined up ahead of time, you will certainly scoff the lot, and you might as well apply it directly to your hips.

And another thought occurred to me, that, this year, on Tuesday, right after the cherry pie caper, comes Shrove Tuesday. Mardi Gras. When you make pancakes to use up all the fats and good stuff in the house before the start of Lent when you fast and abstain from everything that makes life worth living for forty days. At least that was the original idea of Shrove Tuesday. It also was when you went to confess your sins ahead of Lent, so as to be shriven of them, the other meaning of the name. So you got shrove, then you came home and pancaked out.

What with one thing and another, since HS grew past the age of needing a cherry pie, and other things intervened stopping me from making pancakes for Pancake Tuesday for the last few years, I've been thinking, hm, self, you deserve a couple of nice pancakes. But self says, well, are you just going to ignore the cherry pie motif altogether then? a nice thing, when the father of your country, first in war, first in peace, first into the cherry pie, doesn't get a look-in. Self thought for a moment and said I have a solution.

It's the Boudian cherry pie. Frozen berries, made into a sauce, over pancakes, to be eaten any old time over the next few days. Thereby saving the honor of both the pie and the pancake at a stroke. So here are the advance preparations for this big event.


  1. Pie? Did someone say cherry pie?? One of my absolutely favourites (you can have the pancakes - I'm on my way for that cherry sauce).

  2. Sounds absolutely delicious, all of it. I'm coming too. Pancakes, pie 'n' all.


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