Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Material Evidence

More tax requirements today -- a late breaking document showed up, way late for filing, but oh well, it just arrived in the mail, no excuse for the investment house which did it late, actually they were so sloppy over the years I pulled out my tiny account from them last year in annoyance, and forgot I'd done it. Particularly since they failed to send me quarterly returns showing it.

But now I've filed Amended Tax Returns for fed and state. Not too onerous once I got over finding that these guys hadn't notified me, about this item from last July, which,you will remember was about the hospice period for HP, and financial concerns being far from my mind at the time and definitely blotted out since. Anyway, I think finally it's done. For now! until someone else has a bright idea...

However, the universe also had a wonderful gift in store too, a great freecycle offer of fabric, a fraction of which you see here. I am going to donate a ton of the rest of it to the thrift store, wonderful stuff for making little girls' outfits, great novelty fabrics for quilters too, I guess, not useful to me, but no doubt will be seized on by moms and crafters, various other items in colors I'm not into, the donor being big into fuchsia.

But I retained this crate of pieces that will be variously: embroidery backings, frame backings, scarves for moi, goods for Dolliver duds, full of sequins and sparkle. Not pictured here is an end roll of sparkling satin, good for all kinds of purposes, ranging from picture backings to artist book making, to who knows what else. I put everything through a medium dryer with a dryer sheet, which rendered them very fresh and ready to handle.

It's beginning to look as if my summer exhibit will be more embroidery than anything else, at this rate. I'm a helpless prawn on the tides of fate, a prawn, I tell you.


dogonart said...

I'll take a side order of chips with that prawn.

Minimiss said...

Oooo, what a wonderful haul of fibre-y goodness. You lucky thing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm very surprised the D's aren't buried up to their necks in these rooting out the best pieces for new duds. Looks like a great haul of inspiration here.