Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini books, or waste not, want not

After the monotype demo, I brought home the pieces I'd created just to show some techniques, and made them into miniature artist books.

These are very simple to make: each is a folded sheet,starts out about 8 x 5, with a single cut,then, rearranged and organized and stitched in my favorite pamphlet stitch, makes a nice little artist book.

Just a fun thing to do that didn't tax the brain! Origami meets printmaking.

In the middle of this totally inconsequential activity came two nice ladies to the door asking politely if they might speak to me about Armageddon. Irony abounds.


  1. Did you give the Amageddon ladies a pamphlet ?

  2. One thing about condo living, no-one like that comes to the door. When I lived out of town, sometimes the visiting evangelists of various sorts were a welcome diversion. I made some friends, too - one gentleman was so pleasant I invited him to drop in next time he was passing by if he'd promise not to proselytize - he promised, and he visited occasionally for a few years, always with interesting conversation.

  3. Lovely books! A number of years ago we had an older evangelist-type lady who would come around in a sincere attempt to convert people. We soon learned she had something in her shoe that, once she stuck her foot into your doorway, protected her foot so that you could in no way shut the door in her face. Rather ingenious, but she wouldn't give up.


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