Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

That ancient corny joke is by way of asking you, dear blogistas, to keep your fingers, toes and eyes firmly crossed until our home arrangements have actually started up.

Where we are is this: I'm doing the home nursing care, neither of the two agencies, which we are prepared to pay a pretty penny to, having succeeded in finding us a single warm body to come and do it for us -- just as well I was planning to fire them, they may have fired themselves.

That leaves arrangements for getting out of the house for me, and cleaning said house. I now have, at least I think I do, he hasn't come down the street to confirm it, an arrangement with the college son of an old friend of ours, we've known the son since he was a baby, to stay with Andy a couple of times a week for a couple of hours each time. His mom said she will be backup on days he can't get there (if he gets work with an electrical contractor who pays him a lot more than I can!)

I will pay him what a home health aide would get, which is a lot less than the agency charges, of course. So I hope to get that organized, since my friend M. and I have plans to do a bit of art at her house, since neither of us is up for the drawing group we used to go to.

And I have other friends to see. And appointments to make. And a bit of a life to live. Yay.

Next I have the local Russian team coming starting next week, to clean the house. I think every second week will do it. They are very good with the email, except that they don't use the definite article, since I'm guessing it doesn't come up in Russian. They declined to come for an initial meeting, saying, no, we know house, we clean all neighbors' houses, we know what to charge, we will just come and clean you. Not before 10 a.m., yes, got it. Okay, I don't mind having a few decisions taken off my shoulders.

So now only remains, says she Russian style, to get books organized upstairs so they can see how should be and see floor to clean it.

And just to show that the universe is tilting correctly now, here's a list of large and small joys from the last couple of days:

Surprise phone call from a California friend who has been a great support to us both, sending HP cards that appealed hugely to him in the hospital, generally being there for us, interesting woman herself, musician in many instruments, including playing for hospice patients as part of their comforting environment, playing concerts for all kinds of audiences, singing, playing mandolin, guitar, recorder and who knows what else. Anyway, great joy to hear suddenly from her, timing was perfect.

Phone from Comcast Cable, with an APOLOGY, first in the western world, for the lousy service, total confusion when I tried to disconnect from them when we switched to dish, offer to backdate the cutoff to my original request, and name and number of the manager calling in case I have any further trouble with their calling center.

Package in the mail of Koolaid in colors not available in this region, from kind knitting site friend who just thought she'd do this nice thing, unsolicited help.

And lastly, great dumpster find, which I picture here: perfect condition, on casters, left by across the street neighbors who moved out yesterday. The contents are mine - you'll see a drawer full of my handspun yarns if you squint. This thingie, has a name which escapes me, if you can supply it, please do, fits right in with the urgent need for a bit of household organization before the first cleaning visit.

Things are looking up. But only if you keep all crossables crossed. Thank you.

And maybe, just maybe, this little show will creak along the road again!


  1. I am keeping my bits firmly crossed!

  2. You sure have your hands full...even with everything crossed. Good Luck to you and be well.


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