Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Biter Bit!

HS, visiting today as usual on Saturday, after I had commented that I never appear in my pix, because I'm always the shooter, never the shot, got my camera and took a couple of candids of me peacefully reading,today, after a successful visit to the dentist, the kind where he tells you he has no work to do, go home, then a trip to the craft store to look but not buy, that yarn not so appealing now that I make my own. Anyway, home again reading Martha Stewart magazine several months old,while Marigold wishes she were big enough to continue shoving until she gets the chair to herself, one of her ambitions in life.

I love to read Martha Stewart. I like to think of someone else doing all that work, and even getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure she does all her plans for the day. I don't plan to do a fraction of the ideas, but I like to read about them. As Jerome K. Jerome said about work, I love it, keep it handy in case I need it, even dust it off and put it back on the shelf for another time...

On cats and space, in earlier times when HP and I slept together upstairs in the big bed, Marigold would settle between us, and more than once when HP was restless in his sleep, dreaming of who knows what, and throwing the blankets about, she would find herself hurled into space, or into my face! which irritated both of us quite a bit. She still sleeps on top of HP, but he is now unable to move at night, which she finds to her liking if not his.

Duncan is more diplomatic, sticking to the area around my ankles at night, causing numb toes, but he's perfectly safe, the heck with me. And Fluffy Sheba the Persian would never deign to sleep on a human, ew, but prefers her own basket, or my felt slippers to lie on.

Wonderful to have a nice ordinary day that doesn't remind you of anything other than other nice ordinary days.


  1. Lovely, nice to see you & Marigold curled up together with Martha. You should definitely keep the camera handy when HS comes to visit again.


  2. you look very peaceful. I love those days. :)

  3. Nice to SEE you Liz and see that you've had a great nothing day - nothing better. Your DS is fantastic.


  4. I enjoy ordinary days as well. When I can sit with my cats and my toddler and crochet in peace.... at least until my daughters get home from school. :)

    anyway, I saw your comment about the followers button on our Yarn Mavens blog. It's on the right, 5 boxes down. It's right below the Ravelry button. I'm so glad you found us.

  5. You look so perfectly peaceful in your corner. I love it. :)


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