Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bug alert!

On the way around the park today I noticed a small dead animal in the grass, maybe a dragonfly of which we have a ton around here, maybe not, maybe a cicada or other cricket type person.

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I thought one of you alert blogistas might be able to identify it for me, so I took portraits from various angles and picked the couple that might be intelligible in here. The wings were beautiful, iridescent, lovely.

No prize for identifying it, other than my grateful thanks.


  1. Knowledgeable blogista tells me this is probably a cicada. Never saw a whole one before -- usually it's only an empty shell, with the occupant departed. Thanks, Chris!

  2. Definitely a cicada. There are the "seasonal cicadas" that you hear all summer singing in trees, like that one (no more singing, I hope!). And then there are the "periodical cicadas", like the 17 year cicadas and so forth. I'm surpised you've never been in a cicada storm. They are horrifying and wonderful. You'll never wonder what they are afer you've seen billions of them every day.



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