Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Empress definitely has New Clothes!

Saturday was a confluence of weather too cool and wet for HS to go to the shore, his usual weekend jaunt, and his being able to stay here all afternoon with HP, yay, so I took the chance to go out to the Red White and Blue, my favorite boutique aka thrift store.

This is a particularly good one, since they take donations from some areas where people renew their wardrobe annually, and have the same sort of classic unfashion taste I have. So linen, pure silk, good ramie and cotton, all that kind of thing, are there. I like natural fabrics, more comfortable to wear than synthetics in this humid climate.

I have now realized I am officially a size maybe 8 or so petite, much smaller than I was before the weight loss kicked in earlier this year, from stress mainly. My loss has now stopped and my doctor tells me I'm doing just fine, so no worries there, though I know it's unusual to worry about losing weight, most people having the opposite concern.

Anyway, pausing only to ask HS if there were any items he wanted me to look out for him, since he's a great thrifter and recycler, too, but likes to look good at work, and getting his order for golf shirts with collars, nice colors, nothing written on them, etc., I went off and had a wonderful afternoon browsing.

This store is a great mix of people, Hispanic people particularly men, always searching for shirts and workpants, and kids' clothes, African Americans, usually women, checking out china and glassware, Russians plowing through jeans, it's like an essay in sociology.

And my haul was terrific: a pair of mixed fiber pants, perfect fit, very sleek, Ann Taylor, a Liz Claiborne linen jacket in dark green, lovely cut, a huge pure silk scarf made in Japan, hence the excellent dye work, from Talbots, three nice golf shirt for HS, Banana Republic, and two others I forget who, in brushed cotton.

And change from $25. And the scarf is one of those which works as a tablecloth when you're not wearing it, so I put it on my bedside table, and Fluffy was suitably impressed with this addition to her basket corner.

HS took the picture of me, modeling the new outfit, but if you look closely, you'll see his newborn picture on the night table in the other pictures which I took.

Nice bit of symmetry there again, I thought.

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dogonart said...

good haul liz. The Japanese silk scarf can also be made into a carry bag known as Furushiki. You can find video tute on the web. These silk squares were designed with this purpose in mind. So, see another use...stretching the dollar...