Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun with fungi

Late summer, and the flowers out front are at that point where they are as good as they're going to get, without much care. Cooler weather means they're not parched by ten a.m., so they don't get watered so much. But the wildflowers are tenacious -- the mustard goes on and on except near the path where I think the rabbits enjoyed it, spicy salad for them, I guess. And the wild flax, tiny little blue flowers hard to photograph, keeps on showing up here and there wherever it wants to, among the official flowers. Bachelor's buttons keep showing up, and tiny wild phlox-like flowers. A new tiny crop of nasturtiums showed up in the pot I'd emptied and replanted with other seeds.

The nice thing about this part of the world is that we have a long growing season, long summer, first frost rarely happens before mid October and then it's only a light one decorating the pumpkins nicely. Killing frost often holds off till November even. Fine by me. By then even I'm ready for the Great Indoors.

And I had to show you the fungi in the local park, from above and from the side, because they are the cause of my making a fool of myself, one of many occasions in my life, I have to say.

I was out years ago walking KC the Dalmatian, and noticed these nasty little heaps just like these, in the grass, and grumbled, hm, somebody isn't picking up after their DOG, if I can do it, they can do it, all it takes is a couple of bad owners, and there are little kids playing out here not to mention other dogs whose health should be considered, grumble grumble chunter chunter, etc. etc.

Next day even more of them. Aaarrrghghg, worse and worse, and what's more that dog needs to see the vet, it must be in intestinal trouble.

Third day, and I noticed that the little heaps were now standing up on stems, had a beautiful acid green underside and were clearly now seen to be fungi.....oh. Good thing I didn't write to the paper about it, is all I could say. Anyone who can identify them for me is welcome to do so! I now know they are not dogdooiensis newjerseyana.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, that does resemble poopusinthepark britishcolumbius!