Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mouse that Roared Yaaaarrrrrnnnnn

Here's a Mighty Mouse. Knitted from the yarn I: processed from fleece, carded, spun and painted. Phew. Then designed into a mousy shape, stuffed with carded fluff, braided a tail, and voila! Or viola, as one of my friends says, probably mixing it up with the musical instrument.

Anyway, this is big out of all proportion to its size. I made it as an experiment to see if my single spun yarn would knit up, and it did, and to find out how soft or not soft this particular fleece is. The answer is: pretty sturdy, maybe even tough enough to use as warping yarn when I get brave, certainly knittable, but probably not soft enough for clothes you wear next to your skin.

What amazes me is how recently I had no clue about how any of these processes, other than the knitting, worked at all. Big adventure in art. So now I really can create the yarns I need for tapestry work, which was my original intent. Or for knitted wallhangings.

Marigold likes the mouse better than she liked the fleecy stuff, and I let Mus, posh Latin name for mouse, loose on the kitchen floor. You know what they say, though, if you see one there are 20 behind the baseboards...

And I note belatedly that this is my century post! 100 blogposts have happened somehow or other while I wasn't looking. Or so my counter tells me.


  1. Very cute. A little catnip spray would make it especially interesting to your furry friends.


  2. Knitted mouse...what a good idea! I should start making some for my friends. They prefer mice that rattle, but I think I have some of those little jingle bells hanging around somewhere.

  3. I'm enjoying following your progress..... You seem to have a magic touch when it comes to having your animals pose for a pic.

  4. Makes me smile to think of it ... start to finish inside and out of you and the cat and your humanity and the arts and the personalities and circumstances at work - the whole ball of wax that made that mouse a reality - for that lovely cat. I'm lovin' it.


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