Monday, January 12, 2009

Phyllis Amaryllis and other critters

This is what happens when you're cutting fruit for dessert and are suddenly overcome by boredom. Critters happen! they have now been eaten, but they had a brief moment of glory. I think I'll declare this Play with Your Food Week! please do so and forward pix to me.....

The other critter causing excitement around here is Phyllis Amaryllis who finally opened her first blossom today, and her gradual debut will be seen around here when I find it! amaryllis are amazing, unbelievable that that unpromising looking bulb will become anything, much less a massive series of blooms that need holding up. they don't last long, but it's like fireworks: worth it for the moment! I've never succeeded in getting a second year of bloom, just a second year of showy foliage.

And then there's the other January blossom, outdoors this time,to be found in a location I will not disclose, since I don't think I'm supposed to swipe them. I speak of witch hazel, one of the few shrubs that blossom wonderfully, complete with scent, in January. I know where to get a couple of twigs of them, bring them home and they're so tiny you need a magnifier to really grasp how wonderful is their architecture. I recommend you go out in search of them.

Not long now till snowdrops, brave little guys who flower and go on with their lives even if they're buried in snow! every year I have to rip out some pachysandra to make sure the snowdrops have a fighting chance of making it.

Anyway, Phyllis, take a bow!

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