Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Lunar New Year is here, and your books have gone in the mail, so I did manage to get them under the wire for New Year, after all!

And I celebrated the New Year in outdoor fashion: went to a place where I know witch hazel grows, and took a couple of pix, plus some tiny twigs, which were tight buds this morning, already opening this afternoon in the house into tiny beautiful flowers, one of the few January flowers we have, even before the snowdrops.

Then over to our local tiny wilderness area, for pictures of a vernal pool, ice covered, but in spring will be alive with frogs and their offspring, and of the lake, where the deepest part is open water, Canada geese having a great time with it, and through the beech wood, where the temperature is several degrees warmer in winter, cooler in summer, than any other part of the Preserve.

Cold, in the low 30s with a brisk wind, but I still saw a flock of yellow rump warblers, faithful little guys staying all winter when all the others have fled.

And a group of nursery school kids and harassed parents and an intrepid leader showing them trees and the lake and ice and all that, with parents saying, well, we'll see whatever we can see, it's okay, look at the picture we got, and it's okay about the mud, oh, look a bird....

And there were deer tracks in the snow at the side of the path leading down to the lake, so I wonder if they went down to drink at the edge. Also other prints, probably fox. A good winter afternoon expedition.


  1. What charming photos - they are just balanced on the cusp of Spring. You know from looking at them that almost any time new life will burst forth. The last one pleases me most of all.


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