Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caution: Artist at Work

The zero degree weather has not daunted me from entering my third floor, under the roof, studio with the heating turned off to conserve energy. The odd thing is that once the work is under way, you don't really notice the cold, until your fingers go numb and you start dropping things, and doing sort of stupid stuff, indicating that your brain has frozen over...

Despite all this, I have embarked on the artist books I promised, and am kneedeep in all kinds of materials and ideas and second thoughts and fifty-first thoughts, and it is getting making is a nice balance of needing to be pretty accurate, certainly in cutting pages and making sure the book opens and shuts in a friendly way, while cutting totally loose in making the overall object, wild covers, whatever fastenings strike my fancy, drawing maybe, printing maybe, stamping maybe, painting, maybe, gluing and playing and tripping over the faithful CK Duncan who insists in being underfoot at all times to lend a paw where needed.

I have always had wonderful studio cats, willing to get involved to any extent. Little Boud, my tiny little grey girl, would trot across the inked plate before I made my monotypes, and more than one of them had her silver footprint in the design. She improved it, more often than not. And one time she jumped, put a couple of silver footprints on the wall as she left, and I never had the heart to paint over them.

Her sister Vico, twice her size, wonderful dark tabby with fur like plush, was happy to be given a little bit of whatever material I was working in, to play with. Duncan seems intent on seeing if he can make me fall down. His interest in art is strictly aerobic.

So I took a couple of pix of the studio in the throes of composition! won't be too long now.

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