Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Freecycle for Dollivers

This is part of a freecycle haul, and it looks like one of those pictures of a family's entire possessions strewn in front of their home. Remember those?

Except that in this case it's handmade furniture and accessories headed chez Dolliver, and doesn't include their extensive wardrobes nor their dogs.

All the bedlinens and everything fabric is now in the laundry, the furniture damp dusted, and an old bookcase pressed into service as a habitat.

Quite a few tiny dolls and their stuff came too, but they're going to be part of the Christmas decor.

So here's the Dollivers, relaxing in the roof garden

While Canadian Doll,on her custom embroidered pillow is trying out the beds there. Angel Bear is guarding the new baby,  Little button and bobbin doll from Minnesota is galloping her new rocking horse.

Not much happening below in the dining room, not surprising since there's a total lack of interest in cooking as you see from the deserted kitchen.

Everyone's busy loafing in her own way.

Except boud who got no thanks for this labor, but loud requests for some more attention to the decor. Also Fall outfits.

To which I explained this is moving day , you can't expect Better Homes and Gardens the first day. Everyone got a seat, what do you want of my life?


  1. Yay! The Dollivers are back from parts unknown. Hope they had a grand holiday and now they have a whole new abode. One wonders if those beds might have to become the bunk variety else rolling over in the middle of the night might just lead to bumps and bruises (and just think of the ruckus THAT would cause!)

  2. Yes, the decor is a WIP, while I fix the logistics. And I have to find some knitted outfits for the cooler weather. Work, work, work, all I ever do around here.

  3. Always nice to see the Dollivers! :)

  4. Hello Dollivers…….looking good

  5. You guys are just encouraging them. They're definitely on the march for new merch now.


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