Monday, July 31, 2017

To do or not to do, late July question

Yesterday was one of those not too hot, not too humid days, perfect for just about anything.  I was out on the patio, reading and loafing and watching birds, and wondering if I should seize the day and go to the Preserve.  Lately it's been either too wet or too hot for it.

Then I realized that right where I was, was just fine.  And a goldfinch, in full mating kit, flew by and that settled it.  Little toad hopping around the deck. Chatting with neighbors.  Surprise visit from one friend to introduce a new neighbor.  Going to the Preserve would have erased all those possibilities.

And the current reading fitted right in. 

I do have a tendency to not just sit there, do something, when it might be better now and then to just don't do something, sit there.   So, for once, I did.

Today too hot for what I'd planned, and I had to cancel. I don't do well in heat this year.  But home works, too. 

As you see, I'm sending this to the mailing list as well as the usual publishing.  After this, I won't send every post to the mailing list, just, about weekly, send out a general link, so you can click, get onto the site easily, and just browse, scroll back to catch up, too.  I am not planning to reduce the actual mailing list, though a couple of people thought that's what I meant, just reduce the number of posts I send to it.  

The reason for this is that for some people it's a bit too prolific, and they feel bad just deleting.  This will be, I think, a nice compromise, where I write as often as I need to, but you only need check in less frequently.  The reason I suggested you try to sign up to follow by email feed is so that you can choose to continue to get all the posts when published.  But for some people, that's proving to be a bit tricky, phones not all being compatible with blogger feeds. 

There are a lot of readers who follow the blog in other ways, not on the mailing list, which I created for people not familiar with blog following. There's Bloglovin, email, and Twitter, where I often put up current links on my account.  Up to the right there you'll see buttons for all these options.

So, not wanting to lose anyone, and not wanting to annoy people with email input when they're already busy, I'm trying this.  Let me know if you encounter any hitches on the way. 

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  1. as you say, sometimes doing what you're already doing works just fine. I ventured out today into what I still think of as my garden, admired how well it's faring without my every tweak and deadheading--tons of birds eating tons of insects, the oregano has finally realized Im not out there with a lawnmower and has once again taken over the lawn. It's calf-high at this stage.

    The one volunteer potato is doing remarkably well, although I suspect the baby woodchuck who was into taste testing (ate all the bottom leaves off) might have managed to eat himself into a sad little death.

    And sometimes we can get as much if not more out of watching something happen (or not happen) from the deck, the porch, or the shade of a tree.


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