Friday, July 14, 2017

Honesty, in short supply these days, but I'm doing my bit

A bit of gardener's larceny a few months ago led me to snap off a twig of honesty, in a border outside my condo,after the seed cases were started, and bring it home to sit in a bud vase in the kitchen until yesterday.  Then the seed cases had gone a dark gold color, indicating time to pop the casings.
Which I did, and saved the seeds for planting, and the cases for inclusions in future papermaking, and the resulting lovely everlasting for an arrangement with an air plant.

Here you see some with casings still in place, some without the casings, showing the lovely silvery inside.  Heap of casings on the left, for papermaking future, and heap of seeds for immediate planting.  I put a couple of cases in with the seeds to remind me what they are in case I forget between finding the trowel and the pot and the seeds and getting them together.

A threefer.  The honesty plant, lunaria, and some people call it money plant, has a purple flower until it fades and is replaced by the seed cases.  

I had some growing outside a few years ago, until they were all chewed up by chipmunks, which reached up as far as they could and bit through the stems.  When I plant these seeds, I'll put them in pots that are much harder for chipmunks to get into.



  1. the irony of swiping a twig of, of all things, honesty, does not escape fact I planted this one years ago when I lived at the condo, so I think I can get off on a technicality.

  2. I used to have these everywhere but they've slowly died out. I need to start some more. There may be some larceny in my future!


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