Sunday, July 16, 2017

Succulents and sweet potatoes

You know how you mean to buy a small thing for years on end, manage fairly hopelessly without it, and finally say, this is silly, why don't I just do this?  After all, if God hadn't intended us to buy gadgets we need, why did she invent Amazon?

In this case it was two things, one an apple corer, something I've never owned. I used to have an old fashioned potato peeler the kind you can't get now, and used that.  When that bit the dust, I tried to do it with a knife, but with pitiful results.  So instead of nice apple rings I've had apple chunks, which are okay, but there are times you want those rings.  The other was apple related, a replacement for the apple slicer I wore out.  They arrived today, together with two little items I'm told relate to oranges, but I have no idea how.  They're orange colored, like rings, just right for toys. Duncan has been booting them around the place since they arrived.

So, long story short, I was able to make that sweet potato and apple casserole thing again with the authentic apple slices, and it worked a treat.  I included chunks of hot Italian chicken sausage.  Really good. Probably better in the fall than on a blazing July day, but you go to the kitchen with the ingredients you've got.  

Tossed the potatoes, sausage and apple rings with olive oil, mustard seeds, bit of cornstarch, small spoonful of molasses, some curry powder, homemade, the Veach stuff, sprinkle of kosher salt.  50 minutes at 400F, then stir them about a bit, and ten more minutes same temp with a tinfoil hat (!)

While I was moseying about during the cooking time, I took a look at my little succulent hopes, in their little clay pots, noticed yesterday the original leaves all shriveled and sad looking and wondered if I was cut out for propagating.  

When, suddenly, I gave a shout ROOTS!  whereupon Duncan flew off the counter and vanished, assuming I was instructing him to get down.  And there they were, teeny little roots!  and another leaf had an  even teenier little plant started.  Hope returns, now that two of the six are under way.  The excitement is great.  Great hopes for more succulents. I must find out what these were.  Doesn't take too much to get me all enthusiastic, I admit.

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  1. The mystery tool/toy may be a citrus peeler - the ring part sounds familiar. I had one with a tiny point on one side to score lines in the peel, and a curved edge that would slide between peel and fruit. For someone like me who never peeled an orange without getting stung under my fingernails with citric acid, it was actually sort of a useful item.


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