Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sweet Potato Two Ways, Fireworks Finally! 6WS

Noticed an interesting recipe involving sweet potatoes and apples, so I thought this would be good to serve to Handsome Son this evening, before we depart for the finally scheduled fireworks.  Rained out last weekend, but hoping to happen this evening.

So, the sweet potato thing is a casserole, seen here prepped, not yet baked, and I used Granny Smith apples, figuring sweet potatoes sweet enough to balance it, and there's sugar in the recipe, a lot of it, which I omitted, but I did put in a bit of molasses, into the sprinkled topping of flour and spices.  There's cinnamon and nutmeg among the sweet potato slices, too.  Sweet potato nuked to done, peeled and sliced. Apples peeled and sliced. We'll see how it comes out.  It will go with roast chicken drumsticks.  I think I'll just roast the chicken with salt and pepper, no need to get all fancy with that.

After fireworks, tea and dessert, a sweet potato walnut bread.  You will notice that I had a plethora of potatoes, and I'm tired of making banana bread, so I figured substituting the sp for the bananas would work, similar texture and liquidity, etc.  And to my surprise, it did. 

Really good with a spoonful of plain yogurt on top.  So I'm wondering what other subs I can make to this recipe.  Readers suggestions welcome on this point.  Or any other, come to think of it.

This is either a way of echoing the main dish in the dessert, which I would say if I were one of those fancy cheffy type people, who write cookbooks and pose for pix brandishing a wooden spoon, or a way of using up sweet potatoes interestingly, which is what I actually say.


  1. This sounds delicious to me, and like you, I tend to leave out a lot of the sugar in recipes, especially if the other ingredients are going to add sweetness. Yum. I use winter squash in a lot of cooking where I want something to add moisture and some sweetness. From cakes and cookies to soups. I use pumpkin that way, too, but I think I may have used up all my 2016 frozen pumpkin...only the Big Spelunking Expedition before defrosting the chest freezer will tell, and that isn't happening for a while yet.
    Hope you enjoyed your fireworks! It's pouring here, and as soon as I've fed and watered (ironic, that) the critters, I'll be happy to stay in for the evening.

  2. I came up with a casserole similar to yours on my own one Thanksgiving, looking for a way to make sweet potatoes more inviting to the younger ones. I used a bag of my frozen apple pie filling, which already had the spices and sugar in it. I also added whole berry cranberry sauce. It's deliciuos, a family favorite now.

    The bread looks yummy!


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